Northwestern University, Evanston, IL (2011 to present)
Chemical Engineering, PhD, 2016 expected
Advisor: Michael C. Jewett

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA (2007 to 2011)
Biological Engineering, S.B., 2011

Oliver Wendell Holmes High School, San Antonio, TX (2003 to 2007)


National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (2013-16)
NIH IMSD Graduate Research Fellowship (2011-2013)

Undergraduate Research Direct Funding Grant (2009-2011)
The James H. Crawford, Jr. Award (2009)
MIT-Italy Open Courseware Education Exchange Grant (2009)
Eugene and Margaret McDermott Scholar (2009-2011)
Robert C. Byrd Scholarship (2007-2011)
HENACC Scholarship (2007-2009)
Paul E. Gray Endowed Fund Scholar (2007-2009)
Cesar Chavez Foundation Scholarship (2007)
American Funds Scholarship (2007-2011)
Holmes Faculty Scholarship (2007)


Michael Jewett Lab , Northwestern University (2011 to present)
Chemical and Biological Engineering Department
Improving co-translational incorporation of nonstandard amino acids into Escherichia coli proteins

Timothy Lu Lab, MIT (2011)
Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department
Engineered library of zinc-finger transcription factors

Norbert Perrimon Lab, Harvard Medical School (2009 to 2011)
Genetics Department
Identified potential transcription factors of Drosophila Hippo growth control pathway


Teaching Assistant, Northwestern University
Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering

Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory (2012)
International Genetic Machines Competition (iGEM) (2013)
Biochemical Engineering (2014)
Analysis of Chemical Process Systems (2015)

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